Support rules

Our customer support is powered by Kayako support suite. Most of the tickets are replied within 1 business day.

We provide support on the following:

  • KVS functionality questions, issues and bugs.
  • Server configuration questions.

We DO NOT provide support on the following:

  • Resolving your server configuration issues. We just point out problems if you have them.
  • Public technologies with public documentation: php, html, js, smarty etc.
  • Questions and issues that result from your having modified the KVS source code.

When using our ticket system please note how we treat ticket statuses:

  • Open - our answer is required.
  • On Hold - we have replied and this ticket may need some more information from your side. We are not looking into this ticket for the moment.
  • In Process - we need some investigation to resolve the issue in this ticket or find answer to the question asked. We will reply on this ticket ASAP.
  • Closed - we have replied and consider the issue / question solved. If you don't agree with that and still have questions, you can reply this ticket at any time and it will be reopened automatically.

We do answer all tickets. If for some reason you haven't got any response from us for a long period (more than 3 business days), please create one more ticket with the same content and specify the number of unanswered ticket.