Free KVS video player functionality and demo
  • Visual settings
  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Video files
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Please note that some of your images may not work in this configurator due to browser crossdomain restrictions. But they may work if player is loaded from your domain.
x specify player size in pixels or 100% to force player be sized dynamically based on container
configures how toolbar behaves in page mode; doesn't affect fullscreen
configures how toolbar is being hidden in fullscreen and in page mode when autohide is selected
select one of the available player skins
poster image should be hosted on the same domain or should not have hotlink protection in case of crossdomain
player scales poster by default; use this option to force player showing poster in player center without any scaling
keeping video proportions may result in black bars; scaling video to fit player size may distort original video proportions; cropping video to fit player size may crop edges to adjust video
video will start playing after the player is fully loaded
if enabled, player will allow to get embed code
if provided, player will allow to get permalink
specify number of seconds to limit video playback
specify length of buffer in seconds; player will start playing after its buffer is fully pre-loaded
specify how clicks on any branding / advertising must work
disable streaming if your server does not support streaming / seeking