Free KVS video player functionality and demo

KVS Player

Kernel Team video player is designed to help you maximize your revenue. Our player supports many advertising slots: pre-roll and post-roll ads, on-pause and on-stop ads, floating ads and more.

Player supports two modes: standard mode and embed mode which is triggered when the player is loaded from another domain. Embed mode does not let third parties change most of the player settings including ads. Your ads cannot be hidden or overridden. Using this feature will help you in promoting your site via embed codes.

KVS video player is totally free to use for any purposes. The latest version with English documentation can always be downloaded from here:

Please visit our easy-to-use player configurator to check player features. You will get the same in the downloaded ZIP!

Player features overview

Player supports up to 5 alternative video slots. Alternative slots allow you to display multiple files for the same video (e.g. 360p, 480p resolutions). They are displayed as a drop-down list.

A very important feature for alternative video slots is that you can configure them to redirect a user to a URL when user selects a slot. A video slot can either display a video file configured for it, or redirect the user to some pre-defined URL.

Ad management features:

  • Advertising on initialization (HTML layer displayed on top of player).
  • Pre-roll advertising (HTML / video / image) with limitable duration and customizable click URL.
  • Post-roll advertising (HTML / video / image) with limitable duration and customizable click URL.
  • On-pause advertising (HTML / image) with customizable click URL.
  • On-stop advertising (HTML / image) with customizable click URL.
  • Customizable click URL for the video display area.
  • Advertising image on player mouse over.
  • As many flash floating banners as you need. Banners can appear from 4 different sides.
  • A short text and click URL can be displayed on the player control bar.

See player demo